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Integrated, solution-focussed therapy


Dandelion flower. © Photo by Andrew J. Grant. Reproduced with kind permission.

Self-Esteem — is it working for you or against you? (01. Feb. 2018)

In a world that now seems to encourage self-obsession, the term self-esteem is constantly bandied about, but do you understand what self-esteem really is and why it is so important to you? Read the article

Person jumping with sunrise

Making a Change — and Keeping it! (01. Jan. 2018)

January is the time when many of us focus on changes we want to make in life, but statistics show that up to 92% of New Year Resolutions fail by February. Read the article

Woman relaxing in front of a christmas tree

Christmas Stress — Jingling Bells and Jangling Nerves (07. Dec. 2017)

The countdown to Christmas seems to begin earlier each year, and all this extra time focused on the festive season can result in added stress. Read the article

Woman looking at sunset. Photo Pixabay

Social Anxiety — more than just being shy (01. Nov. 2017)

With the darker nights closing in and the festive season primed to be unwrapped, December should bring another year to a joyous end. But for those who suffer with social phobia or social anxiety disorder, dread rather than excitement can be one of the most prevalent feelings. Read the article