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Weight Loss — a Marathon not a Sprint

07. July 2021 by Valerie Walker

A drawing of an overweight person sitting on an armchair and eating a burger versus a slim person out jogging

Coming out of lockdown feels a bit like coming out of hibernation. 

Unfortunately, unlike animals who don’t eat or drink during hibernation, we have been!  In fact, our enforced hibernation has resulted in many of us using food and drink as a form of comfort and pleasure to help get us through the pandemic, and for some, has resulted in some unwanted weight gain.

If you are thinking about losing weight, either to shed those excess comfort pounds you unwittingly piled on during lockdowns or for health reasons, then now is the time to start.

Let's be clear though, there is no magic wand for weight loss and getting down to your ideal weight and sustaining it is definitely more like a marathon than a sprint.  I’ve never run a marathon, but I have walked one as part of the Breast Cancer Moonwalk.  I only did it once and it was several years ago, but it is still vivid in my mind.  At the start of the walk comes the excitement and the positivity, that feeling you are doing something really good.  Fast forward a few hours and fatigue and pain are kicking in.  Then comes the doubt, “why am I doing this”?  “Who cares if I do it”?  “Do I care if I finish it”? “Is it worth it”?  What kept me going, was not just the focus and determination I had to achieve the goal, but the support of others.  From my friends walking with me, to the wonderful support volunteers lining the route clapping and shouting words of encouragement.  I completed it, and in-between the feelings of exhaustion, tiredness and aching muscles was sheer elation and a sense of achievement and pride.

The Weight Loss Marathon.
What, I hear you say, does this have to do with weight loss?  Everything is the answer.  A weight loss journey is just the same: at the start you are full of positivity and enthusiasm, then a week or two in the fatigue and pain kick in - fatigue at having to think about your diet every day, and yes there is pain too, and not just muscle pain from doing more exercise or the hunger pangs you get from time to time.  By far the greatest pain is psychological, the pain of looking at the foods you used to eat with longing, the pain of seeing others eating all those sweet, sugary or fatty foods you loved so much, the pain of losing the food and lifestyle choices you followed for so long.  Unfortunately, just like walking the marathon, if you let it, the pain can wipe out the positivity and enthusiasm you were brimming with at the start. 

Pushing through to the finishing line.
Achieving that weight loss is your own personal marathon triumph, because at the end of the fatigue and pain of changing your lifestyle is the elation, the sense of achievement and the pride you have in yourself. Once you push through that metaphorical pain you are on the road to achieving your goal.   What you need to help you get there, to push through that pain barrier, is support, just like the support you get in any marathon.  if I was to set out and walk a marathon on my own... I doubt I would make it.  So why try and do your weight loss journey on your own? 

Your Marathon Support Package
This is where my fantastic 12-week weight loss programme comes in. 

In addition to 13 hours of face to face consultation you will be provided with a range of handouts, journals and recordings to listen to, long after your sessions have ended.    
During each face to face appointment there will be time to explore your successes and your struggles and then work on removing any blocks you may have to achieving your ultimate goal.  And as a reward each week you will be able to sit back and relax with a new weekly motivational hypnotherapy session, designed to help you progress along the road to success.

A block of 12 sessions (including an initial 2-hour session*) normally costs £845, payable in advance.

However, if you book before the end of July 2021 you can get a fantastic 20% discount, reducing the price to £676.   

You can attend a session every week, but don’t worry if you miss one as you have up to 12 months from the date you pay to fit in your 12 sessions. 
Get in touch now and let me support you on your weight loss journey and help get you over the line to that success you so want and deserve!
*Note that due to COVID restrictions the initial 2-hour session may have to be run as 2 separate 1-hour sessions.