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Lack of Confidence and low self esteem

Butterfly. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

Everyone at some time or other has experienced periods where your confidence levels have taken a dip. These are usually short lived bouts and often a response to facing new or infrequent situations or challenges for which you have no marker to measure your potential success, or where previous experiences have not been favourable.

Public speaking, interviews, exams and large social occasions are some of the situations where you may need an injection of confidence and self-belief to get you through.

However, you may be experiencing lack of confidence or low self-esteem as a more persistent emotional state, even in familiar situations with people you know. This may be driven by deep seated negative beliefs built up over many years and constantly reinforced by that omnipresent internal critic sitting on your shoulder.

Whether you are looking to overcome long term and persistent feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence or are looking to boost your confidence for a particular event or situation hypnotherapy can help. Using a variety of approaches hypnotherapy can identify and provide some understanding as to the existence and cause of any negative, limiting self-beliefs you hold and help you replace these with more positive beliefs and states. Through the use of powerful suggestions and imagery you can create the belief in your unconscious that you are confident, which will translate in to your conscious day to day behaviours.

Get in touch today and find the inner confidence you never knew you had.