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Hypnotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain

Calm Lake. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

Pain can be categorised as either acute, which is of sudden onset and is usually short term; or chronic, which is long term and may be caused by a recognised medical condition.

If you suffer from persistent chronic pain you will no doubt realise it can be hugely debilitating to you both physically and emotionally. Pain itself is complex and frequently multidimensional. In many cases the chronic pain you experience will have an obvious physical cause, which should be treated by the appropriate medical professional, but it is not unusual for chronic pain to persist or return, particularly during busy or stressful periods. You may even be experiencing pain, internally and externally, for which no clear physical cause can be found. It is recognised that the memory established during a bout of long term chronic pain can become so deeply entrenched in your subconscious that it will persist even after the physical cause has been treated. Likewise, emotional or psychological problems can sometimes manifest themselves in physical pain as the mind attempts to protect you from unwanted anxiety or stress.

Hypnotherapy can work alongside conventional medical interventions to help ease chronic pain associated with your condition or assist in the recovery process after surgery. Hypnotherapy focusses on reducing the stress associated with your pain and relaxing the nervous system so that it becomes less reactive to pain. It aims to manage any fear and anxiety you may have relating to your pain. Hypnotherapy can also help you remap any long term memories of pain or psychological manifestations and using powerful suggestions and visualisations redirect the focus of the unconscious mind.

Find out today how Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a more comfortable life.