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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

  • Do you want to stop smoking but don’t know how to or are struggling to quit smoking?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or scared to stop smoking as you think you will be missing out on something?
  • Are you desperate to improve your health and stop smoking, but unable to break the habit of smoking?
  • Do you feel that being a smoker is very much part of you and your life, but one that you no longer like?

Like many people, you may have started smoking as a conscious decision, possibly at a young age, but very quickly it became an unconscious habit or addiction for you and is now an integral part of your lifestyle and identity. The associations and dependencies that you build around smoking can make it difficult to quit smoking, even when you very much want to stop smoking.

If the time is right for you to quit smoking now and you really do want to stop smoking and move towards a healthier, fitter and wealthier lifestyle, then smoking cessation hypnotherapy can help you break the smoking habit in a few simple sessions.

How does it work?

For maximum results we will use a 2-3 session approach for your stop smoking hypnotherapy, with each visit lasting around one hour. The third and final session is an optional top up, if required, which will be at a discounted price.

The stop smoking hypnosis programme can be delivered in one individual longer session, but research has shown that delivery over 2 – 3 sessions can have a higher success rate. The first two visits work best if they are no more than one week apart.

Session 1: We will discuss your individual smoking habits, behaviours and associations and identify your key dependencies or blockers to quitting smoking. At this session, we should have time to introduce some basic NLP techniques or Hypnotherapy which will be your first step to becoming a non-smoker.

Session 2: Using a combination of clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP we will replace your current associations and your identity as a smoker and create new, much more positive beliefs that will quickly allow you to think, feel and behave like a non-smoker.

Session 3: Many clients find they do not need a third session, but if you do, we recommend this is around 3 weeks (21 days) after your second session. Get in touch now for more information or to book an appointment and take your first step to stopping smoking now.

Recommended reading:
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